Creating new models

Creating your own statistical models improves your decision-making processes and helps you in the journey of accomplishing your goals.

Choose from over 200 criteria to create new successful models

To create or visit an already existing model, you need to log into your profile. There you will find all of your active, inactive models and statistics. How many times has it been activated in the last 7 and 30 days? To activate or deactivate a model, drag it across the screen. We created some default models to help you start your betting journey.

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Every model sends signals, with each representing millions of calculations in real-time. We have put a limit of 1500 alerts per user a month. Of course, if you don’t have enough, you can always add more.

Creating new models is easy – just click the “Create a new model” button. Pick a name, a colour and write a description. 

All football games that match the criteria of your model in the SSTrader Premium Console will be highlighted in the said color.

When all changes are approved, the page takes you to the “Model Settings” one, where you can set all crucial settings and descriptions. 

Looking at the created model, you can see a selection of filters, showing everything needed to create a model from scratch.


Look at football statistics from a unique point of view!

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