Here we can create filters for leagues, score, match time, odds, trends and any other statistics.

Let's look at each filter individually.

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Pick the leagues that you want your model to operate with.

We have made a ranking of the leagues, and we divided them into three levels. For your convenience, we also have divided them by Continent.

That is how you can easily search for the ones you want. When you are done picking, save your options and see a summary of your filter.


Filter the live result by selecting up to 3 criteria

The filter allows you to choose the results that are of the most interest to you. You can create up to 3 conditions. Different combinations can be applied to both the Half Time and the Final Score.


Choose the time frame for your model

With this filter, you can choose the time frame for your model. We can choose the exact time range in minutes. If you choose 0-40 minutes, your model will look for other game statistics until the 40th minute of the game.


Set your model with attention to the smallest detail

Here you can create different statistical combinations and set all the details for your model. You can choose between shots on the goal, attacks, dangerous attacks, corners, cards, goals, penalties, etc. You can set the indicators for either one of the teams or both of them.


Choose from several bookmakers

The odds filter allows you to choose from several bookmakers. The system gives you the opportunity to be flexible and set your model according to your preferences.

You can choose from Pre Match odds or Live odds for several market groups. You can even compare Closing odds and Live odds.

What does this mean? You can compare the odds right before the game starts with the available odds during the game.


Look at football statistics from a unique point of view!

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