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Yes, you can. Go to the "Prices" section and select the package and duration you want. After we receive a confirmation, the system will automatically calculate the difference between the two amounts and process the payment.

Go to the “My Account” section, then click on the “My subscriptions”. Choose the end of subscription option, and that’s it.

Click on your name in the upper right corner and then select "My Subscriptions" from the drop-down menu. There you will see all data for your current subscription.


You can change your billing information by cliking on "My profile" > "Billing details" > Submit.

The only way to change your password is to reset it. In order to do that, go to Login page and then click on "Restore".

From there, you'll be able to input your email and a confirmation will be followed to you with exact instructions.

Basic Terms’ Glossary

A bookmaker is a licensed company that accepts bets on the supposed outcome of an event based on betting odds and probability calculations.

A person who trades and places bets.

Simply put, if you consider the chances for a team to win to be higher than the specified odds, that’s a Value Bet.

A bet you are very likely to win. For these types of bets, the odds are usually less than 1.5.

An advantage that helps the punter when trading or placing a bet.

In-Play betting refers to live betting. With live betting, punters can place bets on the results or specific events during the game in real-time while the game is being played.

The odds are constantly changing depending on the development of the game.

A team that is unlikely to win.

A type of bet that combines 2 or more selections. To win an accumulator bet, the punter has to place winning bets on all selections.

For instance, if you have placed bets on 3 football matches, you have to win all 3 of them to get your profit. Otherwise, you won't get anything.

Bettors need to predict whether there will be less than or more than a certain number of goals/points for the specific sport.

Placing a decimal point eliminated any possibilities of equal score, leaving only two possible outcomes.

The current odds or points distribution for a specific event.

SSTrader is a platform that helps professionals and novice players rediscover the world of football predictions, SSTrader offers endless opportunities.

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