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SSTrader Premium gives you access to our unique all-in-one Dashboard, where you can track in one place real-time market, statistics, and detailed analyses for every football game.

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With SST Premium, you now can effortlessly, quickly and reliably filter all matches by as many criteria as you want.

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Our Dashboard has plenty of functionalities, including:

Detailed Toolbar
to filter your data through different previously set criteria

Our detailed toolbar allows you to filter your data through different previously set criteria and get an immediate overview.

filter your data through different previously set criteria

You choose how to rank your matches – by total shots for both teams or which home team has the most shots on goal.

That is easily done in just one click – just pick which criteria interest you the most.


The first time you visit your Dashboard, you will see a default page where you can find:

What does
SSTrader Premium offer?

01. Stats

In the Stats section, you can choose what type of statistics you would like to see for all live games and matches. You can choose from all basic statistics, including shots, attacks, cards, corners, etc.

All chosen criteria are visualized instantly on the right side of the toolbar, showing real-time stats.

02. Highlights

Next in the Dashboard toolbar comes the Highlights section. The available “Time Range” option allows you to filter and look at games only in a specific time frame.

For instance, if you are looking for matches that are currently between the 1st and 30th minute of their start, enter Time Range 1-30, and the software will do the rest for you.

03. Stats Difference

Next comes the Stats Difference, where you can easily see the statistical differences between the two teams. Colored in red, you can see any statistical indicator with a difference of over 2,7 times between the teams.

For instance, Team A has a total of 5 shots, while team B only 1. The difference in shots is over 2,7 times, meaning that this indicator will be colored in red.

All values and settings are set by default, but you can change them to fit your preferences.

04. Betting Markets

This next option allows you to choose the odds you would like to see in your Dashboard. You can pick from odds for the half-time, the full-time, or the next goal factors.

Knowing that speed in trading is crucial for successful betting, we created Keyboard shortcuts that will instantly visualize all the info so you wouldn’t have to wait.

05. Full time stats

One of the handiest indicators in your Dashboard would be the one that helps you split and analyze your stats by periods.

Here you can choose what types of statistics you would like to see – for the whole game, or the last 5/10/15 or 20 minutes.

You can also observe how the game has changed since the latest scored goal or red card and even compare both two halves.

We have also created a quick filtering process with the keyboard. Simply use the CTRL combination and the numbers from 1 to 9 to display the desired statistics.

06. Game Watchlist

Here you see the live games sorted according to your criteria. Any game of interest to you can be uploaded to the “Favourites” section at the top. The star icon means that the team was considered a favorite in the pre-match, which means that before the game started, the team’s chances of winning were higher.

You can also see the current real-time odds for the match for different markets, including 1×2, Asian handicap, and under/over. If you put the cursor over the odds, you can quickly and easily see the price movement during the match. That will help you assess the odds’ current value.

For an even better overview of how the game is going, we have created charts for the main stats that determine the pace and dynamics of the event – Attacks, Dangerous Attacks, and Ball Possession. With just one click on any of them, you can see how the match has progressed minute by minute. That allows you to make a more in-depth analysis and place winning bets.

07. SST Console

Designed to be easy to use, our unique notification console is convenient and functional. Its purpose is to notify you of the most important events. Here you will see notifications of your activity models and the latest goals scored. You will receive all of the information in real-time.

One-click on the game info takes you directly there, so you wouldn’t waste any time searching for it. When your selected model meets all of your criteria, it is activated, and you will receive a notification in the console.

To make it easier for you, we’ve also added colours for each pattern. And just to let you know – the “backtick” button is usually located right under the “Escape” button.

08. SSTrader Index

We created an algorithm that monitors the dynamics of the game. Based on statistical indicators, the index is constantly optimized.

This index measures and transforms the team’s game into a number. A high index indicates a great advantage, meaning the team will most likely score. But before you place a bet on that, consider other external factors like score, remaining time, motivation, etc.

The SST index can be used as just another indicator before making a prediction.


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